Friday, July 13, 2012

The Questions Left As Yet Unanswered...

From time to time throughout the days that have filled my life since beginning to write Bone Dressing, a recurring comment from readers floats to the surface ... that of all the unanswered questions. It’s a good comment, a fair one, and perhaps the only question I’ll definitively and completely answer in this post.

Bone Dressing, unlike most fiction being written today, is written first person. Beyond that, it is written only person. What do I mean by that? Yesterday, today and all the tomorrows yet to be filled in, will provide Bone Dressing readers with the single perspective of one Sydney Annalise Bovay Roberdeau. Period. This perspective may, at different points throughout each of the books that comprise the series, be that of Syd’s present day persona, or that of any number of her previous lives, but it will always be directly and singularly hers.

Having said that, answers that lie central to her perspective and understanding will most certainly be defined, even if perhaps wrongly at first, while those that reside in a more peripheral position may or may not. Syd is, after all, seeking to find her way, and will indubitably bump into walls and stumble over cracks along her journey. That’s part of the fun of life ... those missteps that take us places we never imagined we’d find ourselves. Conversely, any and all issues that Syd is not able or prepared to face or understand cannot and will not be answered until the time she herself actually comes face-to-face with them and/or comes to terms with them. It would be rather impossible to have my struggling, earthy, impetuous, courageous Syd dance with partners she cannot yet see, or who don’t yet exist in her own reality ... much like ourselves, yes?

How many of the questions you long most to have answered within your life are answered the moment you ask the question? And would we really want or understand those answers if we weren’t given sufficient time to savor the need for them ... to develop a thirst, a hunger, a burning drive to uncover and discern their true meaning, their true depths? Much like baking bread, the big questions of life become so much more satisfying, they melt in our mouths ever so much more delectably, given the time to rise in a nice warm oven.

The final consideration of those damn unanswered questions is that Bone Dressing is a series of seven books ... seven books representing as many lives of a single girl. In addition, each of these books feeds upon the others. Exactly how much fun would it be if you knew the story before it had even been told? So, enjoy the unanswered questions. If I’ve done my job well, they should be there, and they should itch to be answered.

Guess that’s my cue ... better get back to writing The Awakening (Book 3), so you can get back to scratching those itchy places!

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