Thursday, April 14, 2011

O, How I Love A Thursday ...

God, I love Thursdays! Always have. I can remember sitting at my desk when I was ten, listening to the birds singing their hearts out just outside the window as the teacher droned on and on ... and being really, really happy.

Mondays have a pretty bad rep, but I don't think they're so bad. Each one is a new beginning, a slow little side-step into the week, comfortable, easy ... filled with the promises of possibility. Now, Tuesdays on the other hand, I could definitely live without. They aren't the bginning, the end, or even the middle. What you did over the weekend has pretty much faded and the next one still seems ages away. Humpday Wednesdays are usually pretty good, upbeat, and by the end of the day you've got a sense of accomplishment for all you've done so far ... and the light is twinkling at the end of the tunnel.

Skipping to Fridays ... hmmm ... Fridays can be any number of things ...  frenzied and frustrating if you didn't get enough done, fun if you did, and more often than not, frantic. Saturdays are much the same as Fridays, only better. By then you've given up caring if you didn't quite finish everything on your plate and you're actually ready to let loose and have a good time. The only day that's really changed for me as I've swung through the years is Sunday. As a kid, didn't much care for them, now they're nice. Slower than all the other days, and that's really not such a bad thing. A day for relaxing, rejuvenating, walking barefoot in the park ... or on the beach ... or just around the house in your pj's.

But Thursdays. Thursdays are almost always absolutely and positively magnificent. Maybe it's because you don't really walk into them expecting anything special, they tend to be humble days. Maybe it's because you're past half-way through the week and the weekend is a bright, shining beacon calling you home. Maybe it's because they tend to be low-key, relaxed, light-hearted days without all the chaos that Fridays and Saturdays carry. Whatever the reason, I'm a "Thursday girl" for better or for worse. Will be til the day I die.

Now I'm gonna go out and wrap my arms around this one, hope yours is one huge slice of sweet, warm perfection!