Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Retake On Life 101

Have you ever had that feeling where you can feel the wind beneath your wings, lifting you, subjugating you, hijacking you, without your consent? You know, that feeling that you're being lead in the right direction ... but you have absolutely no idea which way your heading, much less where you're going or if you even want to go there.

That's my day today. Don't have a clue what's up. Know it's all going according to some master plan, just the way it should be. Wish to hell I knew who's plan it was so I could tell them to back the hell off!

I'm so excited about Bone Dressing and most of the beautiful, magnificent creatures in my life, but so bruised and beaten by others that I could hardly breathe tonight. I slipped out on the balcony, hoping to find ... space, peace, a bit of air to call my own. Instead, I found a perfectly beautiful, peaceful, starry night, a soft cool breeze, and strong arms pulling me up against the most magnificent, soothing, comforting chest. A love that filled my soul, spilled over the top,  and splashed my toes with tear stained laughter.

Sometimes life is perfectly wonderful. And sometimes life throws us a curve ball. And sometimes that curve ball feels like it hits us at 90 miles per hour right in the middle of our chest, stealing the breath right out of our lungs. But still ... on the other side of the clouds ... life is perfectly wonderful.

The day is done. Thank God. Tomorrow is a breath away. And it will be perfect. See you on the other side ...