Saturday, May 28, 2011

"How , Oh How, Will We Get To Sydney? Throw More Salt Water Now!" Sung to the tune of, "Where oh where did my little dog go? Where, oh where, can he be?"

Now calling all Bone Dressing Fans... Can you help keep Syd busy while I write the next book? I'm dripping wet, my keyboard's soaked in salt water, and Syd's looking for her bucket as I type!

Situation: Syd's official travel agent, Michelle, has completed Syd's itinerary. Syd and Beau will be traveling by boat through the Panama Canal en route from Houston, Texas to Sydney, Australia in book 2 of Bone Dressing. But, as you know, Syd has almost zero patience and way too much imagination!

Question: Do you have any cool, creative travel ideas Syd can stay busy dreaming about for the next few months while I wrap this book up?

Syd's call for help: "Surely, there are more creative possibilities! Michelle is driving me up the wall, and if I drown her, we'll never get to Australia! Please! This is YOUR chance to save my sanity! I need something to fill my head with while she writes the next book. I need your ideas, NOW!" Syd & Beau want to hear from you! Your comments, no matter how "far out," are welcome ...

Why Should You Care???: This is totally and completely for fun! Syd would love to hear about readers' creative ways to get from Houston to Sydney.

Are you up for the challenge??? Syd and Beau are counting on you! As am I! I'm really tired of them dousing my keyboard with salt water while they wait, by no means patiently, on yours truly to write the book!!! And while I love lap-kitties, T.J. is gettin' a little warm now that summer's bearing down on us here in Houston!

Michelle I. Brooks (Full-time lover, kisser, mom, habanero-eater, and writer; part-time cook, dancer and chauffeur; current-day travel agent for the Bone Dressing Express!)


  1. Fun! Sending you an idea. . .

  2. The downside is that when they make the Hollywood movie, the TV series and sell the books in their millions across the world there's going to be someone with a legitimate claim on a share of the royalties!

  3. How fun! I'm so glad to meet you and Syd.